List of Topics

Each post is categorized by topics. Here is a list of categories/topic (along with their sub-categories/subtopics) and what topics they cover.


Subtopics [ST] / Parent topic [PT] About
Alan Character: Alan of Pirate’s Swoop (for Lord Alan, see Trebond)
Alanna Character: Alanna of Pirate’s Swoop and Olau
Aly Character: Alianne of Pirate’s Swoop
Animals Characters: Cloud, Faithful, Kitten, Peachblossom, Zek
Balitangs Characters: Mequen, Winnamine, Sarugani, Petranne, Nuritin
Banjiku PT: Carthak People: Banjiku
Baird Character: Duke Baird of Queenscove
Bazhir PT: Tortall People: Bazhir
Beka Character: Rebakah Cooper
Black City PT: Tortall Places: Black City
Blayce Character: Blayce the Gallan
Buri Character: Buriram Tourakom
Carthak PT: Country; ST: Banjiku Places: Carthak, Siraj, Zallara, Amar and Apall, Ekallatum, Shusin, Yamut; General: Carthaki people and culture
Cavall PT: Fiefs House: Cavall; Characters: Vivenne, Margarry
Chamber ST: Gods and goddesses Character/Place: Chamber of Ordeal
City of the Gods Places: City of the Gods
Cleon Character: Cleon of Kennan
Clothing General: Clothing
Commoners General: Commoners, Merchants
Conté PT: Fiefs House: Conté; Characters: Liam, Jasson, Lianne, Vania, and Lianokami “Liano”
Copper Isles PT: Country; ST: Raka Places: Copper Isles’ General: People and culture of Copper Isles
Coram Character: Coram Smythesson
Country ST: Carthak, Copper Isles, Galla, Maren, Saraine, Tortall, Tyra, Yamani Islands General: Geography; Places: Udayapar
Daine Character: Veralidaine Sarrasri
DotL Books: Daughter of the Lioness
Delia Character: Delia of Eldorne
Dom Character: Domitan of Masbolle
Dove Character: Dovasary Balitang
Fiefs ST: Cavall, Conté, haMinch, Hannalof, Kennan, Mindelan, Nond, Pirate’s Swoop, Richcaffery, Teresian, Wellam General/Places: Fiefs (see also subtopics for list of specific fiefs, Nobility, and Inheritance)
Future releases Books: what TP plans to write in the future
Galla PT: Country Places: Galla; General: Gallans and their cuture
Duke Gareth Character: Duke Gareth of Naxen
Gary Character: Gareth II of Naxen
Gift PT: Magic General: Gift (see Magic and Mage)
George Character: George Cooper
Gershom Character: Gershom of Haryse
Gods and goddesses ST: Mithros, Goddess, Kyprioth, Graveyard Hag, Weiryn/Sarra General: Gods and goddesses; Characters: Black God of Death, Green Man, Hakkoi, Harrier, Kidunka, Lailan, Mila, Shaihun, Shakith, Shurri Firesword, Wave-Walker, Gunapi Sunrose, Jaguar Goddess
Goddess PT: Gods and goddesses Character: The Goddess
Goodwin Character: Clara “Clary” Goodwin
Graveyard Hag PT: Gods and goddesses Character: Graveyard Hag
haMinch PT: Fiefs House: haMinch
Hannalof PT: Fiefs House: Hannalof
Healer PT: Mage General: Healers
Influences General: Ideas and people TP borrowed or based on or was influenced by
Inheritance General: Inheritance, Royalty (see also Fiefs and Nobility)
IQ Books: The Immortals
Jewel Item: Dominion Jewel
Jon Character: Jonathon IV of Conté
Joren Character: Joren of Stone Mountain
Joust General: Joust
K’mir PT: Saraine People: K’mir
Kaddar Character: Kaddar Ghazanoi Iliniat
Kalasin Character: Kalasin “Kally” of Conté
Kel Character: Keladry of Mindelan
Kennan PT: Fiefs House: Kennan; Characters: Cleon’s mother and sister
King’s Own Organization: The King’s Own
Knights General: Knights, Knighthood
Kyprioth PT: Gods and goddesses
Language General: Language, Speech
Law General: Laws
LGBTQ General: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer
Liam Ironarm Character: Liam Ironarm (for Liam of Conté, see Conté)
Lord Provost General/Character: Lord Provost
Mage ST: Healer General: Mage
Magic ST: Gift General: Magic
Maren PT: Country Places: Maren; General: People and culture of Maren
Marriage General: Marriage
Maura Character: Maura of Dunlath
Mindelan PT: Fiefs House: Mindelan; Characters: Kel’s family
Mithros PT: Gods and goddesses Character: Mithros (also includes Mithrans)
Myles Character: Myles of Olau
Nawat Character: Nawat Crow
Neal Characters: Neal, Neal’s daughter
Nobility General: Nobility (see also Fiefs and Inheritance)
Nond PT: Fiefs House: Nond
Numair Characters: Numair Salamín, his family
Orzorne Character: Orzorne Muhassin Tasikhe
Owen Character: Owen of Jesslaw
Other characters Characters: Inar Hadensra, Ali Mukhtab, Faleron of King’s Reach, Lalasa Isran, Tianine “Tian” Plowman, Kara, Kourrem, Cythera of Elden, Eda Bell, Lindhall Reed, Irnai, Darkings, Ralon of Malven, Bronau Jimajen, Junai Dodeka, Ochobu Dodeka, Ulasim Dodeka
Other sources Covers information from interviews, book signings, and sources other than Sheroes, LiveJournal, Random Buzz, and IntenseDebate
PD Books: Provost’s Dog (also known as Beka Cooper Trilogy)
Pirate’s Swoop PT: Fiefs House: Pirate’s Swoop
PotS Books: Protector of the Small
Pregnancy General: Pregnancy (also includes pregnancy charms)
Queenscove House: Queenscove; Characters: Baird’s family (see also Baird and Neal)
Raka PT: Copper Isles People: Raka
Raoul Character: Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie’s Peak
Religion General: Religion (see also Gods and goddesses), i.e. Cult of the Gentle Mother
Richcaffery PT: Fiefs House: Richcaffery
Rispah Character: Rispah Cooper
Riders Organization: The Queen’s Riders
Roald (Jon’s dad) Character: Roald of Conté, Jon’s father
Roald (Crown Prince) Character: Roald of Conté, son of Jon and Thayet
Roger Character: Roger IV of Conté
Rosto Character: Rosto the Piper
Sabine Character: Sabine of Princehold and Macayhill
Sarai Character: Saraiyu Temaida Balitang
Saraine PT: Country; ST: K’mir Places: Saraine; General: People and culture of Saraine
Sarge Character: Musenda “Sarge” Ogunsanwo
Sarralyn Character: Sarralyn Salmalín
Scanra PT: Country Places: Scanra; General: Scanrans and their culture
Slavery General: Slavery
SotL Books: The Song of the Lioness
Taybur Character: Taybur Sibigat
Teresian PT: Fiefs House: Teresian
Thayet Character: Thayet jian Wilima
Thom of Trebond Character: Thom of Trebond, Alanna’s twin
Thom Cooper Character: Thom of Pirate’s Swoop, son of Alanna and George
Tobe Character: Tobeis Boon
Tortall PT: Country; ST: Bazhir, Black City Places: Tortall; General: People and culture of Tortall
Trebond PT: Fiefs House: Trebond; Characters: Lord Alan, the children of Coram and Rispah
Tunstall Character: Matthias “Mattes” Tunstall
Tusaine PT: Country Places: Tusaine; General: People and culture of Tusaine
Tyra PT: Country Places: Tyra; General: People and culture of Tyra
University Places: any university
Voice General: Voice of the Tribes
Weapons General: Weapons
Wellam PT: Fiefs House: Wellam
Writing system General: Writing systems
Wyldon Character: Wyldon of Cavall
Yamani Islands PT: Country Places: Yamani Islands; General: Yamanis and their culture; Characters: Shinkokami “Shinko”
Ysandir Characters: Ysandir
Yukimi Character: Yukimi “Yuki” noh Daiomoru
Zahir Character: Zahir ibn Alhaz
Zaimid Character: Zaimid Hetnim