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74 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Lisa Liu says:

    OMG!!! I love Tamora Pierce’s books!! I love this site!! i’m writing a fanfiction on Cleon and Ermeline and Kel and Dom… please don’t sue me!! its just fanfiction! xD! so this site is perfect!!! by the way, I was wondering, how do you pronounce your name?? is it tam OR a, or is ta MOR a??


  2. HalfCarthaki says:

    O_______O *le gasp*

    That was me when I accidentally stumbled upon your AMAZING tammy-haven. You have put SO much work into this, and it shows. I think I’ll be spending the next few weeks or so exploring every nook and cranny ^^



  3. nicola says:

    hi len
    i found your site via sheroes. I was just browsing through and noticed at least one tidbit that i have that you haven’t. i’ve got about 90 articles, just things that tammy has said on Sheroes over the years, but i cannot be bothered going through to see if you have all of them.
    it’s about Jonathan being a liberal king, in the context of Tortall. if you want it, email me with something about sheroes in the subject line and i’ll send you it, if you want all my saved articles (most of mine are related to SotL cast – they are my favourite) let me know too. thanks.


  4. Len says:

    Nicola: I think I have the bit about Jonathon liberalizing laws – is this one? If so, I just forgot to add Jon and Thayet into the categories.

    I would also love it if you sent your saved articles to me – I’ll email you later on to see what you have what I might not that.

    Thanks for your contributions!


  5. Allegretta says:

    This website is amazing. I’m going to spend so much time procrastinating on here. I’m not quite sure if I should be thanking you, or cursing you 😛

    Good Work!


  6. Marie says:

    This is a fantastic website! But, either I’m blind, or you son’t seem to have much information on the Immortal beings of Tortall and surrounding areas.


  7. Len says:

    Marie: Some of the Immortals may be lumped in the Gods and goddesses category.

    But if there isn’t a lot of info on the Immortal beings of Tortall, it’s because Tammy didn’t talk a lot about them on sheroes.


  8. Wow, this site is really wonderful! I absolutely love the Tortall books! Thank you for this site, even though I suspect it’s going to be just one more reason I procrastinate on homework… 🙂

    One thing- Deliah of Eldorne has two categories on your site because her name is spelled both Deliah and Delia. You may want to check into this.


  9. Thames Young says:

    Len –
    I’d like to thank you a ridiculous amount of times. The tortall books serve as my escape into the reading world, and i’ve been really disapointed with the lack of quality things i’ve found on the internet.
    Keep it up! This site’s amazing!

    p.s ever think of adding a fan art section?


  10. K says:

    Hey Len,

    A friend of mine directed me here and I wanted to comment and thank you for all your hard work. As someone who references the books a lot for details for an RP, this is a fantastic resource.


  11. caroline says:

    just wanted to say, i didn’t stay up real late on the internet. i just l;ive in a different part of the u.s. also, i want to send a million thanks to len! you have opened my eyes and let me see things i haven’t seen before. thanks!


  12. caroline says:

    len, i owe you sooooo much. i think we should give you an award or something. ur like, the most awesomest peson on this planet. i ❤ u len!


  13. Rosalind says:

    Wow, I just found out about this site on Steelsings–it rocks! It’s full of all sorts of fun info, and is a great way to read more about Tortall even if you’ve got the books memorized!


  14. howiejane89 says:

    Do you have any information concerning how Tamora Pierce envisions her characters? Does she have actors in mind or all they all purely fictional?



  15. Len says:

    Thank you everyone, for your kind comments. (No, I am not Tamora Pierce, only a fan. The responses are hers, which I merely quote from Sheroes.)

    caroline: Sheroes Central can be accessed here. It’s in the Blogroll (Links) section of the sidebar of this site.

    Rosalind: I’m glad to hear Steelsings recommending my site. 🙂 I hope it lives up to people’s expectations.

    howiejane89: Sure! If you look around, there’ll be something. For instance, Neal was based off of Christian Slater [note: click here for Tammy’s exact words].


  16. Joy says:

    Just curious, has TP said anything about what Tyra’s actually like? (or what modern or ancient civilization it resembles? Thanks!

    caroline: If you’re stil reading the geustbook thread, I’ll try to give a complete list.

    Set In Tortallverse

    The Song of the Lioness Quartet:
    The First Adventure
    In the Hand of the Goddess
    Woman Who Rides Like a Man
    Lioness Rampant

    The Immortals Quartet:
    Wild Magic
    Emperor Mage
    Realms of the Gods
    Sidenote: NUMAIR! *swoon*

    The Protector of the Small Quartet:
    First Test
    Lady Knight

    Daughter of the Lioness Duology:
    Trickster’s Choice
    Trickster’s Queen

    The Provost’s Dog Trilogy:
    To be releaseed:

    Set in Emelan Universe:

    Circle of Magic Quartet:
    Sandry’s Book
    Tris’ Book
    Daja’s Book
    Briar’s Book

    The Circle Opens:
    Magic Steps
    Street Magic
    Cold Fire

    The Circle Reforged:
    The Will of the Empress
    (audiobook)Melting Stones (not strictly part of the Circle Reforged, but I didn’t have anywhere else to put it)

    I think I got most of them. TP also has several books in the works, and a comprehensive list of her novels and short stories, and planned books can be found <a href=”” here . Hope I could help.


    • Len says:

      Joy: I apologize! I didn’t notice your question on the top until now. All Tammy has said is that Tyra is very much her “Venice-like merchant republic” and slavery-free. Tortall, Galla, Tusaine, Tyra, and “supposedly Maren” are slavery-free because it’s not economical to have slavery, seeing as how “You need large farms to make slavery pay off, or a long-term slave economy.” (Sources: 1, 2; a collection of posts on Tyra can be found here.)


  17. Len, hi!

    May we post a link to this site on my webpage, with credit for you, of course!? I’d really appreciate it!

    If you’re agreeable, would you give us the wording for your credit, too?

    Tammy (Pierce)


    • Len says:

      Tammy: Oh wow, this is an honor! I’m flattered you want to list it on your website. And yes, I would love a quote from you for this site!

      As for credit, I’m fine with Len, and my email is if you need to reach me.


    • Len says:

      Taya Jenkins: All Tammy has revealed about the future Kel book is that it will be from the viewpoint of Kel’s squire. Every time the question of whether or not Kel and Dom will get together comes up, she is pretty evasive when replying. Here‘s her most recent answer to your question.


  18. Jocelyn Converse says:

    HI! I know you are not Tamora Pierce but have you heard anything about Raoul and Buri having kids. It’s never mentioned, but I’m pretty sure they’re still young enough. If not thanks anyway and i love your site!


  19. Kathy Bolt says:

    Just wanted to say I stumbled across this site and Thank You for putting so much time and effort into such a wonderful site – it’s almost as good as reading a new book from the Lady herself to find out all these bits and pieces of history(and future) events!!
    It also goes to show exactly how much effort Tamora Pierce expends even if it doesn’t all make it into the finished book! 😉


  20. Shelagh says:

    Hi Len! Thanks so much for compiling this site!!!! I’ve been a Tamora Pierce fan for about 8 years now, and I just found this site! I really appreciate you putting all this effort into compiling so much information!!!


  21. Dale says:

    ya know? I really like Tamora’s books. They are the things that have inspired me to start writing my own books. I love the tortall series, and have read all in it at least 4 times. I love the heroine parts, and I apreciate your ideas on love, marrage, and friendship. Not everyone can be as perfect as the heroines most of the time, and I love how she puts in details that give even a hint of humanity. Everything flows right.
    Question: was the title Elkhound canged to Mastiff? And when in 2010 will it come out?
    Enough gibber-gabbering, she’s a really good author, and I would love to know where she based the settings on.


  22. kel says:

    thanks for all the wonderful information. I plan on reading it i m spare time. It really helps an obsesser such as myself to have a website like this to reference while reading Tamora Pierce’s books.
    best of wishes,
    (haha, sadly, m name isnt kelandry. its kelly. a little strange, isnt it?)


  23. streussal says:

    I’ve used this site as a quick reference for years, but haven’t been here in a while. I remember there being information about the Circle books. Where did that go? (And thanks for maintaining this for so long!)


    • Len says:

      streussal: I’m afraid to say that there was never any information on the Circle books on this site (just on Tortall-verse). Sorry!

      EDIT: I’d almost forgotten that I’d posted the table of contents of a transcript one fan had done (the links of each section led to her livejournal). The transcript of the book signing also included questions regarding the Circle books. You can read it here.


  24. Numairforever says:

    I am so happy this site exists! Tamora Pierce is my all time favorite author, and I love the Immortals Quartet! Every time I read the books over I get really sucked into them and actually feel like I am in the book. And I really love Numair! He is the best character ever made! I love how Daine and Numair are together and I can’t wait to read more books following Numair! I love Tamora Pierce!! 😀


  25. Becca says:

    This is brilliant! I’m so glad all this info is in one place, so that lazy folk like me don’t have to search multiple sites for answers. It must have taken a tremendous amount of work. Nice job. 🙂


  26. Adris L. says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting forth the effort to compiling all the lovely tidbits Mrs. Pierce has handed out. It makes it so much better for lazy people (like me) when nice people (like you) do amazing non-lazy things (like this). I have no idea how I found this website, only that I was absolutely flabbergasted when I did. You must’ve put gallons of hard work into this site, it’s so nice. Anyway, not to ramble, thank you so much. I really appreciate it 🙂


  27. Protector of the Large says:

    I just fornd this site, and I love it! I’m wondering if you have the names of the White Tiger books. I’ve been looking for them recently. Thanks!


  28. Emily says:

    WOW. This site is amazing! Len, you are a GOD. I am so grateful that I have this site for reference, especially now that I’m writing fanfiction!
    Someone stated above that it was liking reading a book from TP, and I have to agree. This is like a new book has just been published, with oodles of new information to absorb.
    I love the Tortall books, and am so grateful for their presence in my life. They are uplifting and inspirational. I actually read them once a month – the POTS quartet is my fave. Often, I find myself wishing that i was Kel or Daine or Alanna, etc.
    I was sooooo excited when I saw that Tammy herself had written here! I was actually like overwhelmed!!! Does she go on that randombuzz page often anymore? I really liked how it was like interactive – and for those people, to have TP reply to them.. :O
    Is there anything like this for Harry Potter (another of my faves)?
    Thanks again,


  29. Sari says:

    is there any way that this will all be made chronological? and maybe like family trees and a special place for info on rituals, religion and practice etc… cause this seems like a lot of topics in random order… i am so exited to learn some of this info though…


  30. Brianna Weird says:

    OMG I just found this sight and it is totally cool. I am a huge fan and plan on to follow in Pierces foot steps. I just love writing. I know im a huge nerd.


  31. MajorFan says:

    I love this website! I began reading her books long before I got internet access, and this website has helped me to catch up on my favorite characters’ post-novel escapades. Thank you so much!


  32. Christina Vega says:

    I love Tamora’s books, their fantastic. And this website is awesome! There is alot of information that i didnt know before and its always fun to learn more about your favorite characters ♥


  33. Brianna Dunwody says:

    I absolutely love Tamora Peirce BOOKS! They are the best! My favorite series is Becka Cooper Terrier and Bloodhound! Please Mrs. Peirce if you read this I would love it if there was or is another book that follows?! Ugh, I just cant say how much I LOVE and ENJOY these two books. I have just started The Will of The Empress, it is a bit confusing but I am following it. Please continue to write books and don’t ever stop! PLEASE AND IF U SEE THIS PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL TO BLOODHOUND!!!!!!!


  34. Vivi says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading Tamora Pierce’s books for several years (and read most of them twice or more!) and i just accidentally stumbled on this (really) awesome website. I would like to know if there is a website like this that tells about the Circle series? I’m really curious about any addition information about the Circle of Magic series. Thanks!


  35. Levina says:

    Hey, how come you haven’t updated in a while? i’ve read everything on the site and would like something new 🙂
    also … anyone know what happened to Varice after Emperor Mage?


  36. Hey, there! I’ve been using this LiveJournal as a source document for some time now, but I’ve only just now decided to leave a comment and thank you for putting this up. I run a Tortall site, and the information in here has proven to be invaluable. Thanks so much :]


  37. Hi! Thanks for making this site, it’s so helpful!! Keep up the good work!

    I have a question though…when it says that one of Aly’s children (Ochobai?) is a little person…does that mean what I think it means? I just want to confirm what I’m thinking about.

    And it’s so good to hear that there might be two more Kel books! I was just thinking about how sad I was that I didn’t get to see her and Dom hit it off. (We all know it’s happening…hopefully!)


  38. So I was looking at the links, and it seems that the link for the Pronunciation Guide is down….don’t know if there’s another way to get to it, ‘cuz all my pronunciations are wrong!


  39. Naomi says:

    I literally sleep with ‘Squire’ next to my bed, just in case I need it (even though I basically have it memorized.) This is officially my favorite site on the internet.


  40. Sebastion says:

    I just wanted to know if there was any reference about any future books exploring or showing us the city of the gods? It’s mentioned often but never really explored much.



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