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Yamani Immortals and the God of Dreams

Tammy: Immortals were in the Yamani Islands. They were a pain in the ass, because the country’s so mountainous it was easy for them to hide. That includes the bad ones. SOURCE: [MR:FT:1] Is the God of Dreams from the Tortall verse in any way, shape, or form based on Neil Gaiman? Tammy: Yup! It’s… Continue reading Yamani Immortals and the God of Dreams

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Governments in Tortall Universe, and Kel on Jonathon

I have a couple questions, first and foremost about Tortall’s government. From what I can tell there are restrictions set up on Jon’s power, such as councils of nobles. Yet what’s the specific arrangement? How many councils are there, and how are places determined? Is it a parliamentary monarchy, and are they moving more towards… Continue reading Governments in Tortall Universe, and Kel on Jonathon

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Mindelans, The Noble Books, and Conte-Naxen

1. How many siblings does Kel actually have? The books mention three brother and I think three sisters, but there are sure a lot of nieces and nephews at Mindelan for just a few siblings that couldn’t have been married for that long. Tammy: Let’s see–in descending order of age: Anders is the oldest.  He… Continue reading Mindelans, The Noble Books, and Conte-Naxen

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Transcript: Book signing on 03-12-04 in Columbus, Ohio

q sama: Follow these links and it’ll take you to a series of livejournal entries I’ve backdated. Or, you could simply go to my userinfo, click on my memories, and read the ones filed under “Tamora Pierce.” Note that typos are mine, but I’ve made a direct transcript, meaning that I don’t clean up Tammy’s… Continue reading Transcript: Book signing on 03-12-04 in Columbus, Ohio

Yamani Islands

Yamani names

I was just curious about that “noh” that Tammy used in her two main Yamani females’ names. As in, Haname noh Ajikuro and Yukimi noh Daiomoru. Is that simply part of their surname, or does it signify something deeper, like some kind of link to a matr- or patrilineal line? I don’t know anything about Japanese/Yamani… Continue reading Yamani names

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The Mindelan Family

Tammy: At some point I actually sorted out the sibs, though not the nieces and nephews. Brace yourselves, kiddies: in order of birth m. = married Anders (knight) m. Vorinna of Richcaffery = 3 offspring Patricine* m. Toshuro noh Akaneru (Yamani noble) = offspring Inness (knight) m. Tilaine of Teresian = 2 offspring Conal (knight)… Continue reading The Mindelan Family

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The Royal University, Exchanges, and the Bazhir school

Tammy: The Royal University is actually mostly academic, though there are schools for healing which teach both magic and academics, and a school for mages. You can enter if you pass the examinations, which means between the ages of 14 and 16 for most people. Most programs end with a scholar’s degree at about four… Continue reading The Royal University, Exchanges, and the Bazhir school

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Raka and Carthaki Coloring

Tammy: Actually, the raka coloring is more bronze, like Indonesian/Malaysian mixes, and Nawat’s just a little more brown than gold-brown. The bloodlines with more black in them come from southern Carthak, while northern Carthaki bloodlines, Yamani bloodlines, and eastern bloodlines combined ages ago to make the basic raka strain. The crows are blue-black in their… Continue reading Raka and Carthaki Coloring

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Mithros and More Country Comparisons

Tammy: I did indeed take Mithros from Persian mythology, and had forgotten that Alexander the Great’s capital city, now in ruins, was called “Persepolis” until after ALANNA was published. (But I did know it in my subconscious still, obviously.) I quite deliberately named most of the early Eastern and Southern Lands from world history, including… Continue reading Mithros and More Country Comparisons

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Country Comparisons

Tammy: Tortall, Tusaine, Maren, and Galla are based pretty much on medieval Europe and England, without particular differentiation between countries. Scanra is more Scandinavia (I tapped medieval Russia for Kugisko in COLD FIRE). Tyra is my Venice-like merchant republic; Saraine is a medly of medieval Europe, Southeast Asia, and samurai culture (well, samurai armor, anyway).… Continue reading Country Comparisons