Sexuality: Conté kids, Alan, Sarralyn, Rikash, and Kel

Are any of the children of the main Tortall characters queer? Similarly, what would Jonathan and Thayet do if they found out one of their children was gay? Would they still try to make a heterosexual diplomatic marriage, a diplomatic marriage looking for options that their kid could be attracted to, or would that kid be out of the game?


I don’t know. I know Roald and Kalasin are cis/straight. The youngest daughter, Vania, is gay. Don’t know about all the younger ones. I haven’t had a chance to do anything with them. As far as George and Alanna’s kids go… Maybe Alan is gay, I don’t know. Thom… Thom is omni. As for Rikash and Sarralyn, Sarralyn is omni. Rikash is shy. He has no clue. He’s afraid everybody will be afraid of him because of his family.

Jon and Thayet would still try to make a diplomatic marriage for their kids. Kalasin and Roald. As for the others, Jon would like them to have dynastic marriages, but Thayet would put her foot down if the kid expressed reluctance. Vania is probably going to go into the service of the Goddess, which conveniently would not interfere with her sexual preferences.

Tammy’s assistant:

I asked [Tammy] to clarify for those who are asking whether Kel is aromantic or asexual, with brief explanations of the differences between the two.

She meditated on it a bit and says that the older Kel gets, the messier it all seems. She’s definitely aromantic, particularly in her later life; she enjoyed kissing well enough when she did it. Lately, though, whenever the thought occurs to her it’s outweighed by all of the other things she could be doing with her time, and the interest fades soon enough.


I had originally thought that [Kel’s] experiments in romance would lead to her finding a partner. But to my surprise, she grew away from that, and at least I was smart enough to go where she led.


Kel certainly doesn’t know at the point where I left off writing her that she’s asexual. She just knows she’s not getting into a relationship right now, because she doesn’t feel like it. She may admire someone’s looks, but she thinks a relationship is just not practical at the moment.

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