Sabine Post-Mastiff, Tunstall/Goodwin, and Rosto’s family name

I was wondering what happens to Sabine after the events of Mastiff? Does she wander for a while or stick around Corus?


Actually, she was assigned to the prince’s personal guard. She’s the captain of his guard. She stays with him until she decides to retire and raise horses. As far as relationships go, she has dalliances, but that’s about it. She adopts a few promising kids, but she never marries and she never has children of her own.

What was your favourite part of Tunstall’s character to write?


Watching him gig Goodwin. And the flowers! I liked finding out that he did miniature flowers, because it’s very slow and painstaking and if you make one wrong move or use one wrong thing, a couple of years’ work goes kerfluey. You wouldn’t expect Tunstall, who’s so big and brawly, to be so patient.

Rosto having no last name meant to be a red herring (since we knew that Cooper was the family name that Beka would pass down)?


Nope. Coincidence! He came from an upper class merchant family, and kept his family name secret.

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