Roger’s parents and Alanna’s parents

…what happened to Roger’s parents? Did he ‘remove’ them before the story began or was it because of something else entirely?


King Roald’s younger brother and his wife were killed by bandits when crossing the mountains. Roger was home with his tutor at the time

What sort of person was the twin’s mother? We know that her death was hard on Alan, but was she much like her husband, or was it an odd-couple sort of thing? If she had survived how much different do you think their lives would have been?


Well, she wouldn’t have mistaken one kid going to the City of the Gods and the other going to the palace. She would have expected the kids to visit more, or she would have visited more.

It was very much an odd couple. She liked medicine, gardening, cooking, planning her kids’ futures. He was interested in books. She was cheerful, friendly, outgoing. Loved her husband. Was a lot more sociable than him. She was a little dismayed when she saw her future home, tucked away from everything. She brought her own magic to the marriage, which she pretty much focused on medicines and healing. Maude was her servant and teacher.  

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