Kel’s career, Fianola & co., Alanna with the pages, Raoul/Thayet friendship

I wanted to know what kind of future Kel has in regards to her career – how does she move up in the world? Does she take over the King’s Own eventually?


I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s awfully good, and she’s got the right temperament. It remains for Jon to see that she’ll be accepted, but at some point, after something like ten years at New Hope, she’ll be shifted to other parts of the country to see how she manages with other lords, other groups of the Own, other groups of the army, and other threats to the kingdom. Hill men, coastal raiders.

I think by the time she’s 45 or so, she’ll either be moved into command in the army or she’ll be head of the King’s Own. She gets along with other knights and other lords a lot better than Alanna does. She’s a lot more like Raoul in that respect. She works a lot better with the King and Queen than Raoul does, sometimes. (Raoul gets along better with Thayet.)

In the mean time she takes whatever position she gets, she doesn’t offend people by walking in and saying “I’m going to set this place right,” she talks to not just the commanders, but the foot soldiers and the servants and the local people. She does her own shopping, at least until Tobe catches up, and if somebody has a problem with her she offers to take it to the training yard. Usually the problem goes away.

How involved is Kel with female pages/squires? Does she have to stay away like Alanna did, or is she allowed to interact with them? Does she or Alanna give them any advice or gifts? And is the whole bullying/hazing issue better than it was when Kel was a page?


As far as Kel’s concerned – it’s a secret! As far as Alanna is concerned, she instructs all of the pages in certain areas so nobody can accuse her of favoritism. Bit by bit, the hazing situation improves. Thak City wasn’t built in a day.

What happens to the three girls that meet Kel after the tournament?


One of them doesn’t make it through the training program, the other two end up as squires.

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