Leaving Court: Aly in Port Legann and Taybur in Tyra


Well, Aly’s still jealous. I don’t know! Aly ends up doing law enforcement in Port Legann–Imra takes her in. It’s a nice gig. There’s a lot to do. Actually, Imra and his lady kind of end up kind of becoming a second set of parents, at least to Aly and Alan, since Imra is the one Alan did his page training with. Jon doesn’t want Aly anywhere near Court. It’s only because of Jon’s feelings for her family that he allows Aly to stay in the kingdom at all. That, and having your own personal army of crows doesn’t hurt.

What ever happened to Taybur? Did he get a happy ending?


Well, he remained at Court for about four years. He and Aly had to leave at about the same time. He ended up in Tyra. He’s an advisor to their ruling council about security. (After they made him swear a fearsome oath that he’d never give away the secrets of the Isles or Tyra.)

What did you mean about Aly and Taybur leaving court at the same time? Did Aly leave the Isles too, and if so, why?


Keep in mind that part of the conflict was between the white luarin and the brown raka. As a raka ruler, Dove had to reestablish the raka as the ruling class of the Copper Isles. Her first task was to start moving raka into offices in her government, and with so many qualified people, she had no good excuse to keep luarin as head of her personal guard and as her spy master. It looked bad, people took it badly, and Taybur and Aly both knew that sooner or later Dove would have to replace them. Nobody wanted to do it, but it had to be done.

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