Unicorn District, ‘Dogs’, Beka Reflecting Tammy, and Slavery in Tortall

Tammy: Unicorn District is so named because the wealthy live there.

And it’s Mat-TESS.

People started calling them “dogs” as a sneer, and they turned it around with terms like “kennel” and “puppy” and in other ways, to show they take pride in being dogs.

“…it’s interesting how Beka is the shyest of the Tortall protagonist yet has the most people oriented position…”

Tammy: She reflects her author.

Tammy: But I wasn’t writing to preach: I was writing what Beka encountered as she and her partners pursued the Hunt. These are the conditions she lived with every day, compounded by the fact that her quarry was using the slave transport system to torment their victims. I was writing the natural effects of a slave culture. (I was also writing to explain why there is no slavery in the “modern” era of that universe!)