Terms of Endearment, George’s Ear Collection, and Delia’s Fate

Tammy: And the sexism thing — that’s still part of [Jon’s] time. If it were a male squire before him, he’d say “my lad,” or “my boy.” He actually likes what he knows of Kel — “my dear” was a real slip from what would have been “my girl” normally. He only usually refers to his daughters as “my dear,” or his wife.

 “Are [the ears George used to collect] in a box somewhere”

Tammy: In a specially locked storage room under the eaves, after Nyl found it in the last storage room and unlocked the box.

Tammy: [Delia]’s been in a tower prison since the coronation–all the mod cons, visitors (family only) under surveillance, all outgoing and incoming mail and packages searched, any servants and guards very carefully vetted by the Whisper Man and some of each chosen by him. She is very lucky to have her life. They are never, ever going to let her live among family or anywhere else again. One little misstep on her part and the delay on her writ of execution will be removed. They take treason very seriously in this world.

“Also, her house arrest is probably magicked!”

OOOHHH, yes!

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