Sarai and Zaimid, Queen of Scots, and Graveyard Hag

Tammy: Oh, no, Sarai’s character didn’t change at all. I just introduced Zaimid and went from there. He’s a wonderful guy who knows about working uphill for change — he’s one of Emperor Kaddar’s close friends, remember. So he understands her frustrations perfectly. And there will be work for her to do for change in Carthak, plus a very lonely young empress to befriend!

“Sarai’s well-intentioned, she’d make a wonderful symbol to rally around, but the idea of trying to tell her she literally can’t do what she thinks is right the moment she thinks of it would be a disaster. “

Tammy: Think Mary, Queen of Scots — all heart, very little head. And that was before the execution.

“I think Sarai might have left with Zaimid even if she’d known about the raka conspiracy and their plans for her.”

Tammy: How do you know the Graveyard Hag didn’t tell her? It’s just the kind of thing the old bat would do, meaning no disrespect.

SOURCE: [MR:TQ:12.1, 12.2, 12.3]