Respecting Lalasa’s Choice and Vinson’s Victim Blaming

TW: sexual assault, abuse

Tammy: But isn’t the situation vis a vis Kel and Lalasa on this issue an illustration of what you say here? Lalasa tells Kel, when Vinson first attacks her, of the consequences to her and even her uncle Gower if she or Kel reports; she begs Kel not to, and Kel does as Lalasa asks. She’s deeply conflicted, but she listens to the survivor.

Regarding your prediction of what would happen if Kel had reported it, this is what happens too often in our modern world, the few coins being a settlement if the survivor sues in civil court.

I’m happier that Kel respected Lalasa’s choice.

Tammy: The Chamber made it clear to [Vinson] that, should his ideas truly change, the manifestations will stop. Should he stop believing his attacks were justified, should he stop victim blaming, the beatings will end. But he has to realize that what he did to his victims was what he wanted to do and had nothing to do with their behavior.

SOURCE: [MR:S:13.1, 13.2]