Queenscove and the Crown

Tammy: Command is trying to leave Duke Baird a son to inherit his title — it was often done, even when having a son near the front was unavoidable. Neal understands it, and he understands his duty to his family; he also understands his duty to the crown and the realm. Talk about a dilemma. Kel helps as she can, but she needs him more as a healer, and she’ll risk taking him from the camp if he can learn more from his father.

Tammy: Not considerate, exactly: Queenscove is one of the great houses of the realm, and it’s to the Crown’s interest to continue the line of inheritance and any connections that can be forged between the members of the family and the Crown. That’s the way it’s always been, and both Queenscove and the Crown work hard to maintain and increase those bonds.

SOURCE: [MR:LK:8.1, 8.2]