PotS Cast Based On…

Tammy: Actually, I didn’t think I described either Joren or Ralon as effeminate. They’re also both based on real guys. Ralon was a guy I knew in high school who was seriously twisted, though his return after being scarred was fiction, and Joren was based on a guy I knew in college who liked to go hunting “high school chicks” with his dope dealer friends. I didn’t know enough to do anything about it, though I’m not sure what I could have done. Fortunately someone told the dorm advisor they were dealing pot and they had to flee. Good riddance. My Joren-seed gave me the chills. And thus a character was born. The fact that he was so angelically beautiful made it worse, somehow.


Tammy: I was basing Kel in part on the women who were the first to enter the military schools, folks. Y’all might be interested in reading their accounts of their plebe years at places like Annapolis, West Point, and the Citadel. They did not dare show emotion in the face of “hazing,” because it got so much worse if they did. Kel understands that, and the etiquette that she learned among the Yamanis–that it’s rude to show extreme emotion–is saving her grits here.


Tammy: Did I ever mention that I based Dom on actor Jerry O’Connell? When I wrote these books he was in a series called Sliders, and he was the right age for Dom. I had a picture of him coming up out of the water in a swimming pool. Blue water, blue eyes, big grin . . . Dom.


Tammy: I based [Wyldon] on Assistant Director Skinner from the X-files, but it’s not a requirement.