Gary’s ‘Desk’ Squire and Blayce

Tammy: And as Gary’s “desk” squire, none of the gang realizes that he travels all of the time and ends up in some hot spots. Yes, there’s loads of paperwork involved, but I, like so many of you, kinda like paperwork. (Duh)


Tammy: Blayce is common-born, and left his family behind him long ago. They’re just well-to-do farmers who know very well he was ashamed of them. They thought he had notions above his station, as well as understanding he thought himself too good for his family now that he had an education. They would be bitterly ashamed if they knew what he had done. Someday the word will get to them (they live on the far side of Galla), but by then the story will be so overblown they’ll think it just a Player’s tale.

SOURCE: [LJ 4173770]

Tammy: I based [Blayce] on a historical person — I won’t tell until after the book is done — and physically I based him on Woody Allen.

Tammy: I was definitely mindful of Arendt. Also Jeffrey Dahmer, and a very nasty little man named Ed Gein —  only look these guys up if you can deal with serial murderers. Both seemed mild-mannered and boring to everyone who knew them. Plenty of very bad people are like that — it’s protective coloration.

I wanted to make that point, that some of the worst criminals are the ones you don’t see coming, as opposed to the gigantic, bejeweled, self-indulgent monster that was Gilles de Rais. This book actually helped me to free myself of him, mostly.