Eda Bell and Wyldon as a Commander vs. Hero

“I wonder if Wyldon has an easier time dealing with the Wildcat because she isn’t part of his culture. She isn’t a knight, she isn’t noble, she isn’t trying to change the way he does things or how his part of Tortall is run, so he might see ‘the rules’ as different for her (and other women in Shang).”

Tammy: To him Eda Bell is an anomaly from an institution that has been around for centuries. He knows what the Shang warriors put themselves through to become named, and he respects it. Beyond that, he just doesn’t deal. It doesn’t fit his world view.

And Shang warriors come from all over the Eastern and Southern lands, as well as the ocean islands.

Tammy: Wyldon is an okay commander — he lacks that touch of warmth that inspires loyalty. He is actually — don’t laugh — a hero. Remember why Jonathan felt he owed Wyldon to the point of allowing Wyldon to dictate how Kel would be handled as a page. If all of life were a pitched battle, Wyldon would cut a far better figure than he did as Kel’s training master.

SOURCE: [MR:P:7, MR:S:6]