Wyldon and Piers on Kel’s Probation

Tammy: Actually, [Wyldon] didn’t want Kel dragging Joren down. He wants Joren to succeed, not to get involved in the clusterf**k he is certain Kel’s time will be. Since he knows already that Neal is a screw-up, it’s okay if Neal gets her.

Tammy: Piers A) understands that he doesn’t have the influence at court to buck the conservative bloc, Yamani accords or no (Wyldon is just the tip of the conservative iceberg), B) parents aren’t allowed to interfere in knighthood training, and C) the king agreed to it and Piers is a servant of the crown. Piers also has a very good idea of what Kel will face and won’t be sad if she decides to quit. He has other daughters and sons to marry off, which will be harder if Kel goes for her knighthood.

IOW, he can’t win. Either he betrays his youngest daughter, or he makes things much, much harder at court for the the rest of his children. Letting Kel choose and keeping his mouth shut is his best path.

SOURCE: [MR:FT:2.1, 2.2]