Sons of Great Men

“I suspect Roald thinks that it’s outside the scope of what he’s allowed to do as a page. Which is interesting, compared to what Jon was doing when he was a page.”

Tammy: Ah, the sons of great men. Look at the difference between Henry VIII and Edward VI. Or Warwick and Dudley (who married Lady Jane Grey) around the same time period. Or Edward II and his son. Or the first Tokugawa shogun and his entire line of descendants. How about Henry V and his sons, Richard the Lionheart, Geoffrey, and John Lackland? Even in everyday life, most kids you know struggle to be different from their parents or, in the more extreme scenario, to defy their parents utterly. In Roald’s case, it must be really hard to grow up in the shadow of two such dynamic, attractive, active parents, don’t you think? He has to figure out who he is on his own.