House Sorting, Naming Conventions, and Languages

Tammy: It’s funny–I was thinking Jon is a Slytherin, too, keeping his secrets and his thinks pretty much to himself, being ambitious, and being more Goddess than Mithros. (She does have those snakes wrapped around her arms!)


Tammy: No, Daine is not a Stark. She learns, and she uses her head. She doesn’t widen her pretty eyes and wait for a tree to fall on her.


Tammy: I know all the English and American historical naming conventions, and as a history buff it kills me to break them, but as someone says, when I use the same name twice, people think it’s significant. So, I can’t do that, not really. I had already decided when I began to write these books that I would follow Quaker naming conventions (other groups do it, too; that’s the one I know best) and have people not name children after anyone living. Even when they do name children to honor someone who has gone to the Peaceful Realms, oftentimes the name is a different version or the version given to a child of the opposite sex.


Tammy: Common is what Latin was in our world, spoken in the Eastern lands and at least the northern parts of Carthak, because it all used to be one empire. Scanra has its own language, ditto the islands and the K’mir and points east.