The Cult of Gentle Mother, The Conté Look, Prince Gareth Has Siblings, and Pounce’s Hobby

Tammy: Right now I can tell you no one ever passed a law against the lady knights.* It was the rise of the cult of the Gentle Mother in this generation and the next that resulted in the turning of society against women in “rougher” occupations like the military, the provost’s guard, and knighthood. It helped that Tortall entered a relatively peaceful time when fewer warriors were needed. By Alanna’s day things were changing again, and sometimes it takes the force of will of one hero–and the approval of her patron goddess–to change things around.

…Roger and Gareth didn’t have the Conte looks/eyes, and was also wondering if they had any other children?

Tammy: Roger and Gareth both have brown hair, and there’s a lot of intermarrying to produce the Conte looks of Jonathan’s time! And Roger and Jessamine did have other children after these events.

Tammy: Pounce has actually always been a constellation who took an interest in human doings because they were such hapless things, rather like kittens, but far more amusing, because kittens eventually grow up. Then he observed that some humans tried to better the lot of others besides themselves, but a great many of them got killed before they could achieve any major changes. Because he was getting bored, the gods being selfish enough to eventually get on his nerves, he decided it might be even more amusing to help some humans achieve more than they might have normally. Everyone has to have a hobby. Some of us chase comets until they smack into stars or worlds; some of us groom heroes.

NOTES FROM Words of Tamora Pierce
*This seems to contradict what Tammy said two years before at Random Buzzers on the subject:

“Actually, they forbade the addition of more female knights about thirty years before the last ones died–the realm was overloaded with peacekeepers, the conservatives were in power, and the cult of the Gentle Mother was at the height of its popularity, so it was decided the realm no longer needed its women to help keep the peace. It was something that happened throughout the Eastern Lands” (Random Buzzers – Lady Sabine).

SOURCE: [Random Buzzers – Fall 2011 Chat with Tamora Pierce!]