Dale, Pounce, Kora’s magic, and Elkhound to Mastiff

But Dale was sweet in his own special gambler way. And of all the times for Pounce to have to go play with the stars! What exactly was he doing up there, anyway?

Tammy: Wasn’t Dale fun? I based him on a professional poker player. I just kept looking at those hands . . .

No, we’re not to know what Pounce was doing up there. I can’t even understand the sounds he’s using. They’re all in electron, or gamma ray, or something.

Does Kora have wild magic?

Tammy: No, there are regular mages who work solely with animals because their magic bends that way–you’ll meet one who specializes in horses in MASTIFF. Kora’s just an all-around mage who’s a little better with medicines for animals. Don’t forget she can tag someone and find them when she wants to, as well. And I’m sure she has plenty of other little tricks up her sleeve that make her a very useful mage for Rosto!

One question though: Why did you change the title of the last book from Elkhound to Mastiff?

Tammy: I found out that while elkhounds are used to hunt big game, they don’t actually bring it down. They corner it for the hunter. In fulfilling Beka’s hunting track, I needed the kind of dog that expressed a truly big task before her, that she is instrumental in performing: thus, MASTIFF.

SOURCE: [Random Buzzers – Bloodhound]