2014 Release: Tortall Companion Book

Tammy: Thanks to heroic efforts by Julie Holderman, Tim Liebe,* and contributor Megan Messinger, the first draft of the TORTALL COMPANION BOOK is in! This includes a spy manual, documents on the military and university structure, bios of selected characters, a listing of and information about the immortals (including some you haven’t encountered), an exchange of letters between Wyldon and King Jon regarding Wyldon’s takeover of the training program for pages, the training of the Queen’s Riders, and much more!

Cara Coville is still working on coats of arms and I on maps, but the text itself is in the editor’s hot little hands.

Tammy: At the risk of disappointing you, the mysteries of government will be revealed in the Tortall Companion when it comes out in 2013.**

The Codex Derynianus by Katherine Kurtz is one of my favorite companion books. She also put out a book called Deryni Magic which details just the magic of her world.

Tammy: Katherine just blows me away. She’s a lot truer to real world history than I am, and does she know it line and verse? Oh, yes she does! That woman is a walking compendium of medieval history. Her books are the best furnished I’ve ever read. You walk into a Deryni book and you can feel the texture of the cloth and the grain of the wood. You hear the echo of your footsteps and smell the water and the plants on the air. I end up on at least a couple of panels with her every time I go to Darkovercon, and it’s always such a pleasure to listen to her and learn.

NOTES FROM Words of Tamora Pierce
*Tim is listed as a co-author of The Tortall Companion Book on Tammy’s official website (source).
**Release has been pushed back to Fall 2014 (source).

SOURCE: [LJ: 53884, 2065839; Random Buzzers – Fall 2011 Chat with Tamora Pierce!]