Wyldon’s daughters

Tammy: Actually, you mustn’t think Wyldon’s daughters were raised to be limp flowers. Vivenne certainly isn’t (their mother). The girls have been raised to be proper medieval ladies. They can balance the estate account books, ride well, oversee the stillroom and the making of medicines, supervise construction projects, sew clothes for the servants and weave them at need, read and write well, play a musical instrument, hunt and hawk, shoot archery, embroider, and command the defense of the castle. Margarry is more outdoorsy than her sisters, but she plays the lap harp beautifully, she’s a great cook (though she’s terrible with a needle), and she’s good with numbers. After Wyldon, she’s considered the best judge of a horse or dog in the fiefdom.

Wyldon’s being a conservative means he hearkens to the day when nobles were useful, each in their proper place. This is what proper noblewomen did. His girls aren’t sissies. He just thinks it’s dead wrong for girls to do boy stuff. Except Kel. Kel is obviously different.

SOURCE: [54497]