Zahir, Kara, and Kourrem

In the POTS series, what was the reason (or one of the reasons) Jonathan took Zahir Ibn Alhaz as his squire? What happened to him?

What became of Kara and Kourrom (from WHRLAM}? What happened to their tribe? Do Jonathan and Alanna still visit occasionally?

Tammy: Jon took Zahir for a squire for political reasons largely, since Jon is the Voice and he works hard to knit the Bazhir into the rest of the kingdom.  But kings do have squires if they want, and Jon always has one on duty as his personal attendant.

Of course Jon and Alanna visit the tribes regularly (they did as part of the progress in SQUIRE).  Kara married Halef Seif, and teaches magic as well as raising her family.  Kourrem became a wander mage.  She visits not only other tribes, but other places, teaching and learning.

SOURCE: [Random Buzzers: Chat with Tamora Pierce – Tortall] (Archive by WebCite)