Qiom, Fadala, and the Shang School

We know what happened to Kylaia (though her story would be incredible), but does Qiom ever get to Tortall like they seemed to be planning at the end of his story?

The Shang show up in so many of your books, but are still so mysterious. They say that they are Shang before being of any nationality, but does this mean they do not have a central place where they belong, train, and meet together? All the Shang we have seen have been travelling or working to help train other young warriors such as the pages in Corus… do all their students get trained on the road with a single master or is there a school where they are eventually brought? How do you picture this?

Tammy: Qiom and Fadala are doing their best to reach Tortall.  It’s a long trip just to the the coast, and a lot of things happen to them on the way.  At some point I’ll get to write about them!

The Shang school is hidden in northern Maren.  The students train there until their ordeal in their late teens, after which they start their journey, serving their gods by helping people.  Sometimes the older Shang retire to serve as judges in the world, but more retire either to an everyday life in their 40s, or they return to the school to teach.

SOURCE: [Random Buzzers; Chat with Tamora Pierce – Tortall] (Archive by WebCite)