Marinie of Tasride’s Disownment, Neal’s Mother, and Raoul’s Drinking Problem

1. Last time on Random Buzzers, you mentioned that Alanna’s mother, Marinie, was from Tasride. How is she related to Seaver of Tasride? Do Alanna (or her kids) have any contact/relationship with that side of the family?

2. What’s Neal’s mother’s name? 

3. It’s mentioned in Squire that Raoul has a drinking problem earlier in life. What was the cause of it, and what made him decide to quit his addiction?

Tammy: I think Marinie would be Seaver’s great-aunt, but she was cut off from the family when she married Lord Alan (she was supposed to marry a Gallan noble with lots of gold).  Alanna and her family probably do have contact with that side of the family, court life being what it is.

Neal’s mother is Wilina of Haryse.

Raoul’s problem was just that he didn’t know when to stop drinking.  He quit after a riding accident resulted in the death of his favorite horse and the injuries of a family of Players.

SOURCE: [Random Buzzers: Chat with Tamora Pierce – Tortall] (Archive by WebCite)