Fief Trebond and its House

Book: Gold

Location: in the Grimhold Mountains, making Trebond “Tortall’s first line of defense” (?) from Scanra in the north

History: Trebond was a traditional fief in which inheritance could only be secured through the male line.  When Thom died in 439 H.E., control of the fief was automatically reverted to the Crown.  King Jonathan IV then bestowed the title of baron and deeds, lands, and income* of Trebond to its current manservant, Coram Smythesson, who had plenty of experience in running the fief in the absence of either his lord, Thom, or an heir. (1, 2)  It is presumed that Trebond is no longer a fief in which only male heirs can inherit. (1)



  • Coram Smythesson, Baron
  • Rispah, formerly of the Cooper family, Baroness (.m)
  • Jonthair, Heir/Sir (3)
  • Alinna (3)
  • Thomsen, Sir (?) [3]
  • Mylec (3)
  • Daran (3)
  • Liam (3)
  • Thayine (3)
  • Rose (3)
  • Elenna (3)
  • Buran (3)

Past (former, deceased, etc.)

  • Alan, Lord
  • Marinie, formerly of Tasride (.m)
  • Thom, Lord
  • Alanna, married into the Pirate’s Swoop line
  • Lionel, Sir/Deputy Provost of Port Caynn


  • 242 H.E. – Lionel’s eldest son is killed by the Sweating Sickness
  • 419 H.E., May (*) – Alanna and Thom are born
  • 434 H.E., Late Winter/Early Spring (*) – Lord Alan dies, and Thom becomes Lord of Trebond; Coram returns to Trebond
  • 439 H.E., July – Thom dies


  • Jonathir is a knight, Mylec is with the Queen’s Riders, Daran is in the King’s Own, and Liam is in the army.  Originally, Thomsen was a knight who was also with the King’s Own and Alinna was with Mylec in the Queen’s Riders, but Tammy has — intentionally or unintentionally — changed the facts.  Instead, Thomsen is a squire to Sir Emeric of Legann and Alinna is a part of the Queen’s Ladies. (3, 4)
  • During the Scanran War, Trebond served as a supply depot and hospital.  Coram, too old for combat or scouting, coordinated supplies and housed troops while Rispah worked in the hospital.  Their children served in the war through their respective organizations.  Jonthair fought as a knight; Alinna rode with the Queen’s Ladies, helping Thayet keep the rest of the realm in order; Thomsen, with his knight master, served near the City of the Gods, and Mylec, with the Queen’s Riders, was stationed near Frasrlund.  Daran and Liam respectively served as scouts in the King’s Own and the army.  Thayine also worked as a scout, although it is unknown if she had done it at home or as a part of a group. (4)
  • Marinie had an arranged marriage with a wealthy Gallan noble, and so was consequently disowned by her family when she married Lord Alan of Trebond instead. (5)


*Though Alanna is no longer entitled to Trebond’s income, she still has that of Olau, which serves her well.

(.m) – by marriage
(?) – uncertain; may or may not have been retconned

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