Fief Pirate’s Swoop and its House

Location: On the coast of Emerald Ocean; a day’s ride south of Port Caynn

History: King Jonathan IV pardoned George Cooper, the former King of the Rogue, ennobling him by giving him the title of baron as well as the lands, deeds, and income that used to belong to the previous lord of Pirate’s Swoop.  At first, George protested, but gave way as the newly crowned Jon was in need of a confidential agent whom he could absolutely trust:

“A confidential agent needs a home and income.  His comings and goings, particularly at court, cannot be remarked upon, which means he must be a noble” (Lioness Rampant).



  • George Cooper, Baron/Second-in-command Spymaster of Tortall, “Whisper Man”
  • Alanna, formerly of Trebond, Baroness/Heir to Olau/Sir/King’s Champion (.m)
  • Thom
  • Alan
  • Alianne “Aly,” Spymistress of Copper Isles, “Duani”


  • 400 H.E. (*) – George Cooper is born
  • 419 H.E., May (*) – Alanna of Trebond and her twin brother, Thom, are born
  • 439 H.E. – George and Alanna are married
  • 443 H.E. (1) – Thom is born
  • 445 H.E. (*, 1) – Alan and Alianne are born
  • 449 H.E. – Battle for Pirate’s Swoop, in which the fief was surrounded by unmarked armies and navy
  • 463 H.E. – Alan is taken on as Lord Knight Commander Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie Peak’s squire; Queen Dovasary of Copper Isles requests Aly to stay on as her spymistress
  • 464 H.E. (*) – Aly and Nawat Crow are married; In April (2), Aly gives birth to triplets.


  • Alanna and George were married before the Goddess, with their close friends in attendance. (3)
  • Thom will inherit Pirate’s Swoop and Olau after his parents’ death, and Alan will be allowed to live there, but as a knight, he’ll be employed by the Crown unless he’s needed at home. (4)
  • During Trickster’s Choice, Thom was studying at university as a mage and Alan, at the late age of thirteen, dispassionately decided to go for his knighthood (1):

    Alan just felt that if Thom wasn’t going to be a knight, he ought to, and he rather liked the role. It had nothing to do with Aly or Thom or even Mother–the Crown just needed knights, they had a very nice life thanks to the properties granted to them by the Crown, and he felt they could use a knight in normal service. He likes to pretend that his other sibs are the clever ones, but he’s no fool himself. He just prefers to take the course of least cleverness. One day the gods will catch up with Alan and he’ll have to prove he’s good for something more, but until then, I’ll let him laze while he jousts and fights bandits and the like. (5)

  • As a page and squire, Alan “took a lot of sneerage in his training” because his father was newly ennobled, even if his mother was bluer-blooded than the King. (6)
  • On Aly’s children:

    Alianne Crow, Spymistress to the Crown, was delivered of triplets in April, to the rejoicing of her mate, Nawat. In accordance with raka custom, which decrees that children should not have the same name of those who have gone before, the two girls are named Ochobai and Ulasu, and the boy is named Junim. Her royal majesty Queen Dovasary, and the captain of her guard, Taybur Sibigat, will stand as godsparents to the triplets. According to Chenaol, head cook at the palace, Aly’s first remark when shown her children was, “Thank the Goddess they didn’t come out as eggs. That’s what I was afraid of.” (2)

  • Why Alanna was better off with George than Jon:

    I explain that Alanna would be a disaster as queen, which is a diplomat’s job, while when she enters any place where George is, she feels that she has come home.  That romantic love doesn’t last, and that it’s important to build up a lasting love and a lasting friendship for a relation to exist for the long term.  Sooner or later Jonathan would run out of patience with Alanna’s temper and her lack of graces, and she would always feel like she couldn’t put a foot right.  She can relax with George, and be herself.  […]  What George and Alanna have is solid.  When they fight, they don’t feel like their world is ripped into shreds.  They know it will continue because at bottom, they love each other.  When people are “in love,” every little spat is something that has to be mended with cement or the whole thing will go to pieces. (7)

  • George when he’s angry at Alanna and what she learned:
  • He believes in telling her he’s angry, then retiring from the field until he either gets a grip on himself or Alanna comes to apologize (if it’s something she said), or talk it out. She did learn to apologize after some years of being with him, though it half-kills her. Of course, Alanna will be fair if it kills her, and while she’s felt a little giddy while apologizing, it hasn’t killed her yet.

    She learned very early on that if she valued George, she would watch her temper around him. I can’t think of anything that crushes her more than him saying, “You’ve disappointed me, lass.” He’s definitely of the “I’ll talk to you when I won’t be vicious” school of fights. Sometimes he’s wrong, and he’s quick to realize it and make it up to her. (Who do you think she learned it from?) (8)


(.m) – by marriage

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