Binur, Lianokami, Lady Roxanne, and More on Numair book (2009)

What is Kally’s son’s name? And is there a brother or sister on the way for Lianokami yet?

Tammy: Kally* and Kaddar’s son is named Binur.  No sibs for him or for Liano that I know of yet!

Was [Lady Roxanne] horribly ugly or rude or something? Did she end up marrying anyone? And was she Neal’s mother’s younger or older sister?

Tammy: She was bony and plain.  The sharp cheekbones, wide mouth, and pointy chin that make Neal’s face so interesting doesn’t work so well on someone with thin lips and sallow skin.  However, she did have a substantial dowry as the oldest daughter, and made herself a decent marriage in 441 with–brace yourself–Lord Martin of Meron.  And yes, they have five children, two sons and three daughters, but no, I don’t know their names!Wink (yet)

So, in future books, will be seeing more of Thayet and Jon?  And of their kids? I would especially love to read about Kalasin and Kadder and the challenges they face in ruling Carthak(?).

Tammy: I don’t know about the princes and princesses, but we’ll see a younger Thayet and Jon in the second Numair book, when he comes to Tortall.  That one takes place not long after LIONESS RAMPANT, so we’ll get an idea of how they handled themselves in the beginning of their reign.

We don’t see Kally, but we do see a bit of Kaddar in a short story that I wrote that’s being published in THE DRAGON BOOK, edited by Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann, coming out in November.  My story is “The Dragon’s Tale,” and while Kaddar, Daine, and Numair make guest appearances, the main story revolves around Kitten and Numair’s horse Spots.

NOTES FROM Words of Tamora Pierce
*Originally mistyped as Sarai.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random: 1, 2, 3]