Neal/Yuki, Lady Knights, Queenscove’s healers, and Irnai

At the end of Lady Knight Irnai mentions that Neal will have a daughter that tries for knighthood (if I remember correctly). What’s her name? Do Neal and Yuki have any other kids? What do they end up doing? Do they have the Gift?

Tammy: Actually, I don’t know.  This is in the future of the last book in that time, TRICKSTER’S QUEEN, and I haven’t been able to think about any of that.  I only know about a year or two ahead of the most recent book in that time, you see.

Also, does the tradition of lady knights helping lady knights continue for the next generation, like Alanna helped Kel?

Tammy: I’m planning at least one, maybe two, books with Kel as seen by her squire, after the Maura of Dunlath book, and the squire is one of the three girls we see in the tournament in SQUIRE, so yes, I would say so!Wink

Do any of Neal’s other family members possess the Gift, besides his father?

Tammy: Baird’s sister is pretty good with protective charms and lesser healing charms.  Their father was a healer, and their great-grandmother.

What happens to Irnai, the seer-child? Does she stay with Kel at the post, or does she move on to better things since she has so much power? Will we see her again?

Tammy: I think so.  She’s been bothering me lately.  She’s going to have to wait her turn, though!

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]