Details on Maura’s book (April 2009) and Heroes

I just really, really, really wanted to ask if they’re anything you can tell us about the Maura of Dunlath book that you haven’t already shared? I’m insanely excited for them, I’ve become a real fangirl of Maura.

Tammy: Well, it begins when she’s 15, and her guardian, Sir Douglass, breaks the dreadful news to her that her aunt says it’s time she acted like a noble, and has summoned Maura to be her lady-in-waiting.  Since she’s blood family, Sir Douglass doesn’t feel he can refuse.  So Maura goes to her aunt, along with her counsellors, a wolf, a squirrel, and an ogre (a small one).

It sorta goes downhill from there.

She’s not a hero like Alanna, Daine, Kel, Aly, or Beka (or is she?). She’s just Maura, just herself,

Tammy: It depends on how you define heroes, and heroism.  Daja would tell you that her hero is a maidservant who gave up her life getting children out of a fire.  Kel would say that in addition to Raoul and Sir Wyldon, her hero is Lalasa, teaching the women of the Lower City to defend themselves.  “Just Maura, herself” has already proved herself a hero, blowing up a fort and fighting her sister.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]