Daine’s half-siblings?

Whoa. WHOA. None of his previous grandchildren? So implying he’s had grandchildren before? Implying that he’s has other children? Implying that Daine has half-siblings?

Tammy: On occasion.  Depending.  The births are kinda hard on the mothers.

So was it not uncommon for Weiryn to crossover the realms on Beltane to meet woman and perhaps bed them? Does he have other children from previous lovers?

Tammy: Not living.  The last one was about 130 years ago.

Did other gods participate in this? Are their more god-sired people walking around?

Tammy: Well, yes, but they aren’t thick on the ground!  The few there are alive now are far apart!

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]