Slavery and the Balitangs

It seems rather unfair (and not particularly conducive to political harmony) for those slaves who rebelled to be free, but those who didn’t to remain slaves. At the same time, abolishing slavery would cripple the Isles’ economy.

Tammy: Oh, no, Dove’s freeing the slaves, and even just the ones who rebelled, would give birth to another revolution!  What she does is give those slaves who rebelled a cash payment which they can use to buy their own freedom, or a child’s, if they pass a mage-test that they did take part in the rebellion.  Dove isn’t particularly against slavery–the Eastern Lands, except for Scanra, and stopping at Maren’s eastern border–are an exception, not the rule, and Maren’s system of bond servitude on the big farms doesn’t bear inspection.  Tortall, Galla, Tusaine, and Tyra–and supposedly Maren–are slave free because it’s not economical.  You need large farms to make slavery pay off, or a long-term slave economy.

Also, what sort of role will Petranne play in Dove’s reign? Is she a Princess, and considered Dove’s heir?

Tammy: No–she’s all luarin, remember.  She has no raka blood, and that’s what put Dove on the throne.  Petranne is a duchess, and whoever marries her will have her father’s lands, plus the close connection to the queen.

Will she make a political marriage (future aliance with Tortall? :D)

Tammy: She’ll marry politically, certainly!

Also, who succeeded Elsren as the titled head (Duke) of the Balitangs? Was it one of the girls, or did it pass to a male relative?

Tammy: Winnamine is guardian, and the title will pass to Petranne’s husband, since there are no other male relatives close enough in Mequen’s line.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]