Yuki, Birthing, Sarralyn, and Conte princes

Is Yuki Gifted? (Honestly, this has bothered me since a re-read of Squire.)

Tammy: I don’t believe so, or if she is, it’s a minor Gift.

A question about the birthing practices and customs in Tortall: Are men barred from the birth chamber like they typically were in the real world? (Essentially: are they left outside to pace and worry and annoy people?)

Tammy: It’s up to the woman, though since a lot of women tend to be Goddess worshippers, and since birth is one of the Great Mysteries–yeah, the guys get to wait it out.  I know Aly demanded that Nawat be there, not so much because George actually had to deliver her older brother Thom (he and Alanna were on a mission at the time), though it would be sweet to think so, but because Aly was terrified she was going to produce eggs and she wanted an expert on hand.

When Daine gave birth to Sarralyn, I can gather it was far from a normal birth… but who was on hand? Where was the baby born?

Tammy: The queen insisted on her own healers and midwives, since nobody could be certain that Daine could give birth on one of the great holidays so Sarra would help.  Daine actually gave birth in the palace, where she’d spent the last two months in the queen’s quarters, on bed rest.

Do Weiryn and Sarra approve of being grandparents?

Tammy: Are you kidding?!  They love being grandparents!  None of Weiryn’s previous grandchildren were such a part of his life, so he likes the novelty.  They spoil those kids rotten!

Are there foreign princesses in mind for the younger Conte princes, given there are political marriages in the works for their sisters? (Covered in another thread.)

Tammy: But of course!  Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and Jon is not going to miss any chance to build a long-lasting peace for the realm.  He’s looking at Scanra for Liam, who’s better with weapons for Jasson, and Tyra for Jasson, who’s clever.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]