Fief Queenscove and its House

Book: Gold (presumably, as it is one of the oldest fiefs)

History: Queenscove is one of the four houses that make up the shield of Tortall, as proclaimed by King Jonathan the First. It has a tradition of having a knight in royal combat service in each generation (1); twelve of them were honored by being listed on the Great Roll of Knights as “Medal of Honor winners” (2), that number exceeded by that of Naxen.



  • Baird, Duke/Royal Healer
  • Wilina (3), formerly of Haryse (.m)
  • Nealan “Neal,” Sir/Heir
  • Yukimi, formerly noh Daiomoru, Lady, Neal’s wife (.m)
  • [Neal’s daughter]

Past (former, deceased, etc.)

  • Graeme, Neal’s older brother, Sir/presumably Duke Baird’s former heir (4)
  • [Neal’s other older brother], Sir (1)
  • Jessamine, Neal’s younger sister, married to Balduin of Disart (5)
  • [Baird’s sister], married into the Masbolle line (4)
  • [Baird’s father], Healer (4)
  • [Baird’s great-grandmother], Healer (5)
  • Michabur Durse


  • 312 H.E. – Micharbur Durse’s book, The Luarin Conquest: New Rulers in the Copper Isles is published
  • 438 H.E., August or September – Neal is born
  • 441 H.E. – Yukimi noh Daiomoru is born
  • 452 H.E. – Graeme and Neal’s other older brother, both knights, are killed during the Immortals War. Neal, who was studying to be a healer mage at the university, decides to become a knight to ensure the family tradition of having a knight in royal combat service and starts his page training.
  • 456 H.E. – Sir Alanna takes on Neal as her squire
  • 460[461] H.E. (*) – Neal is assigned to work under Kel in New Hope as a healer (knight)


    • What Numair is to power magic, Duke Baird is to medical magic. He became one of the youngest chief healers at the age of 28. (1)
    • Neal and Baird’s gift colors are green because it’s the magical color that runs in their family line. (6)
    • Neal’s appearance is based on that of Christian Slater. (7)
    • Baird’s sister is “pretty good with protective charms and lesser healing charms.” (5)
    • On Neal and Yuki’s romance from the aftermath of a mages’ party to Neal’s Ordeal of Knighthood:

They’d just run into each other here and there, have a dance at an occasional event, sit together when they were hanging out with Kel. It was all small stuff over an extended period, but obviously it was enough! (8)


(.m) – by marriage

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