Security, Varice, and Maps

Were there any consequences for the folks who smuggled the darkings to Aly, even if it was just a stern talking-to or a “For Mithros’ sake don’t do it again!”? Giving the kind of surveillance magic(/technology, to continue the real-world analogy) that would make the CIA or even Mossad (whose tech makes the CIA jealous) drool seems like a pretty big breach of security.

Tammy: No one got caught. The only reason Taybur found a darking was because he saw it bouncing on the king’s bed, with the king. No spy magic picked up on them, because they weren’t made of mortal magic and they didn’t employ mortal magic to communicate. Frankly, I’m not certain that a spell could be made to pick up on their presence, given that Ozorne was a Stormwing working in the Divine Realms to create them.

Will we be seeing Varice in a, er, more flattering light in the Numair books than we saw in Emperor Mage?

Tammy: Mmmmmm . . . could be. Could be not. Could be both. }8-D

Is there a larger/more complete map of the Tortall planet/universe somewhere, or is what you see in the books really what you get? (The most complete map I’ve seen to date is the famous ‘Tortall and Hinterland’ map from an older release of Lioness Rampant

Tammy: I have several, though not one of everything (too big). However, Random House and some very talented people I know are commencing work on a Tortall Companion, so if anything is guaranteed to get me off of my butt to do a complete one, that will be it. (No, no publication date yet–they don’t even have a contract signed. Details on my webpage and livejournal––as they happen!

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]