Royal University, Archaeology, Neal’s Family, and Carthak

If you had to write up a NPOV review on the Royal University of Tortall for prospective students, what aspects would stand out?


  • Mage instruction features instructors who graduated with honors from the University at Carthak and the City of the Gods.
  • Musical instruction includes lessons for traveling musicians, court musicians, noble musicians, and young ladies seeking to improve their skills.
  • Features schools of teaching, philosophy, geology, engineering, agriculture, music, magic, history, economics, noble arts (heraldry, swordsmanship for non-knights, calligraphy, needlework, etiquette), languages.
  • Grants of aid for promising students of reduced circumstances.

How does archaeology work in the Tortall universe/world and how has that impacted written history or cultural exchanges between the countries?

Tammy: They don’t really have archaeology per se. They have history, and traffic in ancient artifacts, and some of it gets covered in magical studies, but what we recognize as the study of archaeology is very rudimentary. Artifacts are bought and sold, and mage-historians are paid to peg the date of the artifact for wealthy collectors. Kingdoms like to hang onto their own artifacts, but things get taken outside borders constantly. People are a lot more careful about poking items, though. Given the magical component, some items pack a wallop.

The next question mainly revolves around Neal’s family (does insanity run in his family too? 😉 )

Tammy: Only when he incites it!

How are Neal’s mother, Lady Roxanne, and Glaisdan related?

Tammy: They’re siblings.

And how are Neal and Dom cousins? I can think of several possibilities (i.e. younger brother of Duke Baird, Dom’s father, married the Masbolle heiress), but I wanted to know what was canon.

Tammy: Actually, it was a male Masbolle, since Dom inherited the name.* And Baird’s sister.

Would you at all be interested in writing a book about Kally’s time in Carthak? You seem to have a lot of information about what’s going on in Carthak…

Tammy: I’ll have to study on it. At the very least, I could come up with a story sometime, don’t you think? But first the studying. These things always work out so much better when I do that!

I’m interested in Neal’s siblings.

Tammy: Neal’s older brother, Graeme, is deceased, and his younger sister is Jessamine. These days she is married to Balduin of Disart.

NOTES FROM Words of Tamora Pierce
*Belden of Dunlath seems to be either a misnomer, an exception to the rule, or follows a guideline yet to be explained officially

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]