Lord Wyldon, Owen/Margarry, and Maren

How many children does [Lord Wyldon] have (boys/girls?)? Siblings? I bet he has a totally hardcore sister that used to boss him around…

Tammy: Actually, his sister Elasabenne was the baby of the family, and her brothers doted on her. It’s amazing anyone got close enough to marry her. She wasn’t sure Lady Vivienne was good enough for her favorite brother, so they don’t talk much.

As for Lady V, she gave Lord Wyldon four daughters, and Wyldon never cared that he didn’t have a son. He loves his girls: Eiralys (oldest), Sunarine, Cathrea (a priestess of the Great Mother), and Margarry.

Owen/Margarry: Any chance for a lady knight? Well, actually, any children at all?

Tammy: Give them time to settle down! They’ve married pretty young, and they want to have fun first!

I know that Maren/Tortall are “cut from the same cloth”, but are there any distinguishing quirks that define Maren?

Tammy: Maren tends to go for spicier foods and brighter colors in their architecture, interior design, and clothes. The women’s skirts are wider, and they wear their sleeves slit so their chemise sleeves show through. They also cut the necklines on their overdresses lower so their chemises show more on top, and they embroider their chemises a lot more than Tortallans do. The men have a chemise-like undershirt they like to show off. The ladies are also experimenting with woven wire crescent-shaped headdresses into which they can put ribbons, feathers, and flowers–it holds sheer veils in place over their hair. The men are starting to play with flat caps that they decorate with feathers and brooches.

The new fashion for ladies is making lotions and perfumes. Certain people’s products are in great demand, either because they’re good or because people want to curry favor with the lady making them. They have scent parties where they smell each other’s concoctions and go looking for new scents.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]