King Roger II and his Wives

What happened to King Roger’s first Queen (Alysy), exactly?

Tammy: She had breast cancer.  Cancer is one of those things that, if it gets far enough along, all the healers can do is make the patient comfortable.  It has an energy of its own.  And she was a bit of a depressive who hid the fact she was ill from her healers until it was too late.  She wasn’t exactly happy in her marriage, so she busied herself in good works, and wouldn’t let those go to get looked at.

Are Alysy and Jessamine foreign princesses or noble women? Where are they from (country/fief-wise)?

Tammy: Alysy was a Gallan princess, and Jessamine, as is mentioned in MASTIFF, is from Barzun.  (By Alanna’s time Barzun is the southern part of Tortall.)

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]