Fief Conté and its House

Book: Silver (1)

Location: Somewhere around the Royal Forest (2)

History: Conté used to be another fiefdom, (2) but Jonathan I took over the throne as the first Conté king, roughly over 100 years before Terrier begins. (1)



  • Jonathan IV, King(/Sir)
  • Thayet, Queen, “the Peerless” (.m)
  • Roald, Crown Prince/Sir
  • Shinkokami “Shinko,” Crown Princess (.m)
  • Liankokami “Liano,” Princess, daughter of Roald and Shinkokami (3)
  • Kalasin “Kally,” Empress of Carthak (.oos [3])
  • Liam, Prince/Sir
  • Jasson, Prince/Sir
  • Lianne, Princess
  • Vania, Princess

Past (includes former, deceased, etc.)

  • Roger IV, Duke
  • Roald I, King, “the Peace-Keeper”
  • Lianne, Queen, formerly of Naxen (.m)
  • Jasson II, King, “the Old King,” “Empire-Builder”
  • Roger II, King
  • Baird, Roger II’s younger brother
  • Alysy, Queen (.m)
  • Jessamine, Queen (.m)
  • Gareth, son of Roger II and Jessamine, King
  • Baird III, King
  • Jonathan I, King (1)


  • 245 H.E. – King Roger II marries Jessamine, who is from Barzun (which later became conquered by Tortall during King Jasson II’s reign). By this time, King Roger’s first wife, Alysy, a Gallan princess, dies of breast cancer. (4)
  • 246 H.E. – Queen Jessamine gives birth to Gareth
  • 401 H.E. (*) – Roger, Jonathan IV’s cousin, is born
  • 416 H.E., August (*) – Jonathan IV is born
  • 419 H.E. (*) – Thayet jian Wilima is born
  • 439 H.E. – In March, Queen Lianne dies, suffering from various illnesses; three weeks later, King Roald dies. His death is officially reported as a hunting accident, but suspected to be a suicide. In July, Jonathan is crowned King of Tortall and Duke Roger is killed. In the fall, King Jonathan announces his engagement to Princess Thayet.
  • 440 H.E. – Crown Prince Roald is born
  • 441 H.E. – Princess Kalasin is born
  • 443 H.E.(5) – Prince Liam is born
  • 444 H.E.(5) – Prince Jasson is born
  • 445 H.E.(5) – Princess Lianne is born
  • 446 H.E.(5) – Princess Vania is born
  • 460[461] H.E. (*) – Crown Prince Roald and Princess Shinkokami marry

Key legislation passed:

King Baird III

  • 127 H.E. – Provost’s Guard is established.

King Roger II and Queen Jessamine

  • 249 H.E. – King Roger abolishes slavery in Tortall

King Roald I and Queen Lianne

  • 439 H.E. – King Roald introduces Page Examinations.

King Jonathan IV and Queen Thayet the Peerless

  • 440 H.E. – Education becomes available to all Tortallans; schools are opened throughout the realm.
  • 442 H.E. – Girls can train for knighthood. Thayet creates Queen’s Riders.
  • In December 456 H.E., Jonathan is pressed by Kel, Raoul, and Thayet to change the laws regarding the legal penalties for the kidnapping of common folk, and he agrees but says it will be a slow process.
  • Jonthan and Thayet quietly changes the primogeniture law for royalty so that females will be included in the succession line. (3) To convince the conservatives, Jonathan argued that the realm’s stability should not depend on one heir alone and that having a female rule would be reasonable under those conditions, since there have been cases in the past where a majority of rulers’ children were girls. (6)


    • Attributing Tortall’s bad relationship with its neighbors to—among other reasons—the lack of marriage alliances, Jonathan decided to make up for it by securing alliances for his children.  Moreover, his children have been raised with the knowledge of his plan and that their first duty was to the realm. (7)
    • On why Kalasin did not try out for knighthood: For his eldest daughter, Jonathan had picked out (in his mind) a “very great marriage…with someone whose people would’ve objected to a knighted queen.” So he made a deal with Kalasin in which she agreed to give up her ambitions for knighthood in exchange for a) allowing her to take a look at her prospective husbands before committing to a marriage, and b) the chance to turn down a match, as long as her reasons for doing so would not be regarded as silly by the nobles.  When Thayet heard of this, she was quite angry with Jonathan, which led to tension in the royal household for a year. (7)
    • After being married, Crown Prince Roald studies leadership and governs one of the southern districts for training purposes. Liam and Jasson are knights of the realm, while Lianne and Vania ride (and fight) with the Queen’s Ladies, waiting for their marriages to be arranged. (8) However, unlike Kalasin, Lianne and Vania have no interest in knighthood. (9)
    • In regards to the arranged marriages of Lianne and Vania: Kalasin, Empress of Carthak, is looking for Carthaki candidates, and George’s agents are searching for Marenite and Gallan princes (none available in Tusaine) who will not only prove to be strategically advantageous but also personally compatible with the respective princesses. (9)
    • In regards to the arranged marriages of Liam and Jasson: Jonathan is currently looking for potential wives in Scanra for Liam, whose strength lies in weapons, and Tyra for Jasson, who’s clever. (10)
    • On naming Liam:

Liam also helped keep Thayet and Buri alive (and vice versa) in Saraine and the Roof of the World. Who wouldn’t want to name their kid after a great hero who died to defend their country? This was one of those things everyone agreed on.

It was Thayet’s idea, actually. They were about to nod off when Jon heard her say in the dark, kind of defensively, “I want to name him Liam, if it’s a boy.”

He picked up her hand and kissed it. “Thank you. It’s a good choice–a wonderful one. And it will offend none of my nobles, thank Mithros.”

Thayet’s voice trembled slightly. “That isn’t why I suggested it.”

“I know it isn’t.” Jon turned over and gathered his wife close. “I would have liked it even if it had offended my entire court. I always wished I could have thanked him.” (11)

    • On Jon and Thayet’s romance:

Thayet and Jon appreciated each other’s circumstances at first, and understood they would be a good match and a good solution to each one’s problems. Then, as they got to know each other, they began to really like each other’s cool dispositions, their common sense about the problems facing royalty, and the particular elegance with which each dealt with their daily lives. They had known the other was an attractive person before, but they had their fill of attractive people at some point in their lives. But the other was . . . restful on the eyes. Calm, and graceful. Energetic without being frenetic. Appreciative of elegant things, like art, music, and dancing. Neither of them lost their heads over a wedding, even though everyone around them was going crazy. Both savored their wedding night, and Jonathan handled it with tact and kindness, for which Thayet was deeply grateful. She knew few men would have behaved as well as he did, or gone to so much trouble to make her laugh. And so it went, day by day. (12)


(.m) – by marriage
(.oos) – out of succession

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