Fief Cavall and its House



  • Wyldon, Lord/Sir, “The Stump”
  • Vivenne, Lady (.m) [1]
  • Eiralys (.p) (2)
  • Sunarine (.p) (2)
  • Cathrea, a priestess of the Great Mother (2)
  • Wyldon’s brothers (2)
  • Elasabenne, Wyldon’s sister (.p) [2]

Past (includes former, deceased, etc.)

  • Margarry (2), Wyldon’s youngest daughter, married to Owen of Jesslaw


  • 442 H.E. – Lord Wyldon becomes the Training Master of the pages
  • 458 H.E. – Lord Wyldon retires as Training Master, and takes on Owen of Jesslaw as his squire at Kel’s recommendation
  • 464 H.E. – Margarry marries Sir Owen of Jesslaw


  • Elasabenne, the baby of the family, never believed that Vivenne was good enough for her favorite brother, and the two don’t talk much to each other. (2)
  • Wyldon never cared about having a son, and loves his daughters dearly. (2) His beloved wife “knows just how to kick him in the rump when he gets all stiff and on his dignity…” (3)
  • Wyldon’s daughters are not to be thought of as “limp daughters:”

    The girls have been raised to be proper medieval ladies. They can balance the estate account books, ride well, oversee the stillroom and the making of medicines, supervise construction projects, sew clothes for the servants and weave them at need, read and write well, play a musical instrument, hunt and hawk, shoot archery, embroider, and command the defense of the castle. Margarry is more outdoorsy than her sisters, but she plays the lap harp beautifully, she’s a great cook (though she’s terrible with a needle), and she’s good with numbers. After Wyldon, she’s considered the best judge of a horse or dog in the fiefdom. (4)

  • On Margarry and Owen:

    Court gossip has it that young Lady Margarry informed her father of her choice of husband, upon which his lordship was then heard to mutter, “At least the boy’s half-broken to bridle.” Other court gossip reports that Sir Owen’s reply to requests about his reaction to his betrothal were that he finds Lady Margarry “quite jolly,” and that she likes horses and dogs as much as he does. (1)

  • Owen’s personality: a “big kid” who doesn’t feel need to think about or feel ashamed about who he is, follows his inner compass, and doesn’t give a damn for anybody’s opinion except for Kel and his knight master’s. (5)


(.m) – by marriage
(.p) – presumably; unknown if married into another family line

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