“Bright Star” Joren, New Hope, Baron Sir Cleon, Roald’s Champion, and Covers

Was Joren the heir to Stone Mountain? Lord Burchard is his uncle, yet he was the one to go after Kel in Squire when Joren died.

Tammy: Someone else mentioned Burchard is indeed Joren’s father. I apologize for the confustication in the scene.

And yes, Joren was the heir, their bright star. There are other boys, but he was their prize.

What happened to New Hope once the war was over? Was it disbanded and the people went back to their own villages, or did people stay there and make a new community?

Tammy: New Hope is still there three-odd years later, and so is its unhappy lady knight. The people had no homes to return to, and they felt much safer inside the town’s walls. There is still plenty of border trouble, you see. The lady knight and her healer knight friend are still running things, though the lady would like an assignment somewhere else. That’s the point at which I’ll pick up her story next.

Cleon. He seems to always be running the fief with his mother. His father is dead and there’s no mention of other brothers. Is he the Lord of Kennan, or is there some other thing going on?

Tammy: He wasn’t of age before. Now he is Baron Sir Cleon of Kennan.

If Roald (the younger one) were King, who would be his Champion?

Tammy: Honestly, I have no idea. It would be one of the older knights, someone in his thirties, in his prime (or her prime). Jon picked Alanna because he had a point to make, and because he knew Alanna could withstand the challenges that would come her way. He also did it to keep her safe from those who hated her just for being a female knight–her position would protect her. Anyone who tried to kill the Champion risked the Crown’s wrath. Roald wouldn’t have those problems to consider or that kind of friend to protect, so he might well choose somebody big and beefy who’s not one of his age-mates.

Which book cover is your favourite, out of all the many ones that have been?

Tammy: David Wiesner (who has won the Caldecott Medal for his children’s books) did the first three Alanna covers in hardcover, and David Wyatt did the first Daine covers for Scholastic in the U.K. I honestly couldn’t choose between these two, because both sets are wonderful! If you go into the galleries section on my webpage, you’ll see them. David Wyatt also did the covers for the most recent re-release of the Alanna books in paperback by Simon & Schuster, the ones with the black border and the very intense Alanna.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]