Prime Minister’s Duties

I recently found myself wondering about Gary. What kinds of duties is he responsible for as the Prime Minister?

Tammy: Gary sits as governor (chair) of the Council of Nobles, the Grand Council (the combined Councils) and of the King’s (private) Council.  He reviews laws and issues currently under discussion by the Nobles and in the Council of Commons, deciding which warrant review by the monarchs (usually Jon or Thayet is with him during these meetings, so they can decide with him what they feel needs addition information before it comes to them for study).  He meets with the Chancellors of the realm (Treasury, Magic, Law, etc.) to hear what matters require Their Majesties’ attention and which can be handled by the original department, a combined committee from several departments, or by a particular council.  Again, Thayet or Jonathan is usually present for this.

In other words, his chief job is to mediate between the monarchs and their legislatures and their appointed servants to keep one side from driving the others crazy.  In, say, the reign of Roger, Beka’s King, the Prime Minister has a lot more work on his own than Gary does, because Roger likes to goof off.  Some monarchs want to handle it all, and the PM ends up being chairman all of the time.  It depends on the monarch and the minister.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]