Roger, Contes, Inheritance, and Children

1. At what point did Roger turn evil? Was it something like Jon’s birth and him being bumped down as heir, or dabbling in too much powerful sorcery – or was there even a turning point (i.e. was it a gradual thing)?

Tammy: At first he wasn’t evil, or no more so than any heir who’s been shoved aside. He had 15 years to get used to the idea of being king, so he didn’t take kindly to his cousin coming along. As time passed and he saw the likelihood of another child being born to the king and queen shrinking, he realized that if he made his move, he could get his chance at a throne again. The smart moves were to get Jonathan and the queen out of the way first. He knew Roald well enough to believe Roald wouldn’t remarry, so he could pick him off, if he had to, at his leisure.

As for later, I don’t think of him as evil so much as I think of him as apocalyptically crazy. 8 months buried alive would do that to a person, I think. He had no guarantee that he’d be resurrected, and even when he was, he felt his people could have made it happen sooner. He decided to punish everyone involved in his trial and death, and if the world was destroyed with them, he really didn’t care. Like I said, nuts. He was always self-centered. This just took it to the extreme. He’d have to acknowledge his wants and desires were evil, and he never did.

2. Also, what is the age difference between Roger and Jon?

Tammy: 15 years.

3.Will Jon’s other two daughters make diplomatic marriages like Kalasin, or do they have considerable more freedom in choosing who they marry?

Tammy: No, they’ll be making diplomatic marriages, too. Jon and Thayet will try to see to it that the marriages are good ones–I believe Kally is looking over Carthaki candidates, while George’s agents are scoping out Marenite and Gallan princes (none available in Tusaine)–but they are looking for advantage as well as compatibility. The girls understand this, and since–unlike Kally–they have no interest in knighthood–they’re fine with it.

4.Will Thom one day inherit both Pirate’s Swoop and Olau, or will Alan be left one of the two?

Tammy: Thom inherits both. Alan will be allowed to live there, though as a knight he’ll be working for and housed by the Crown unless he’s needed at home.

5. Do Coram and Rispah have any children?

Tammy: I was afraid someone would ask me this someday! There’s Jonthair, Alinna, Thomsen, Mylec, Daran, Liam, Thayine, Rose, Elenna, and Buran–6 boys and 4 girls. Jonthair and Thomsen are knights in service to the Crown (Thomsen in the King’s Own*); Alinna** and Mylec are in the Queen’s Riders, and I think the rest are too young to serve away from home yet (by their parents’ lights), but my math sucks, so Daran may already be in the King’s Own and Liam in the army.

NOTES FROM Words of Tamora Pierce
*In a later post at Random Buzz, Thomsen was a squire serving a knight master instead of a knight serving in the King’s Own.
**In a later post at Random Buzz, Alinna was not a member of the Queen’s Riders, but the Queen’s Ladies.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]