Kally vs. Fazia, Conte children, Grandparents, and Sarain

I know that Kally and Kel are roughly the same age and Roald is a year older than Kally, but the rest? (Liam, Lianne, Jasson, and Vania?) I’m no mathematician, but I’m curious.

Tammy: Liam is two years younger than Kally, Jasson is a year younger than he is, Lianne is a year younger than Jasson, and Vania is a year younger than Lianne.

– When Kalasin arrived in Carthak, to live under her mother-in-law’s wing, what was the Princess’ reaction? Do they get along? Or does the Princess see her as an upsurper, this little girl who’ll outrank her?

Tammy: The Princess, having nagged Kaddar for years to marry, can’t hardly complain about Kally being a usurper, but she can and does complain about Kally’s lack of manners and decorum. They fight constantly. Kally rides astride; she still forgets her veil more often than not; she is seen outside her home far more often than is seemly; she refuses to let her mother-in-law rule her in most things; she won’t let her mother-in-law choose her clothes unless it’s for state functions or meeting stuffy older Carthaki nobility or tribes (when she quite surprisingly listens to all her mother-in-law was to say); she spends too much time in the stables, kitchens, and the local villages, and spends too much of the estate money on the servants and villagers; she has actually started schools on the estates, the palace grounds, and in Thak City; the Princess’s idiot son is absolutely besotted with the foreigner; and truly, the Princess would wash her hands of the foreigner, except she has produced the Princess’s grandson, who they both adore, and there are hopes that another child is due.

– What do Jon and Thayet think of being grandparents/potential grandparents?

Tammy: They absolutely love it, except for the feeling old part. They don’t let the feeling old part bother them for very long. They can spend time with grandkids (except Kally and Kaddar’s) that they couldn’t with their kids, and they can buy toys for the grandkids. Thayet and Onua are breeding a particular line of ponies for the royal grandchildren.

– Do you know what the state of things are like in Sarain, currently?

Tammy: About ten years ago Thayet’s father was overthrown (and executed) by one of his nobles, who took the crown, made peace with the K’mir (and married a full K’mir), and has been trying to pull the realm out of the mess made by years of civil war.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]