Faithful/Fido and Many Names

Tammy: I based Faithful on my college cat Fido, who approved the pages he liked of the original Song of the Lioness manuscript by sitting and shedding on them.  My current black cat, Scooter, has been standing in for Pounce, and like Fido, gives me plenty of advice on how I should proceed.  The problem is that I couldn’t understand Fido and I can’t understand Scoot, since I don’t speak cat.  ::sigh::

Does he even have a REAL name, other then “The Cat”?

Tammy: He does, KACPDrummer, but I can’t pronounce it, not being able to speak cat or constellation.  In Eastern Common, his constellation is simply “the Cat.”

Our choices for his names amuse him.  And no, he hasn’t always been named in variants of what Alanna’s friends suggested.  I just liked the synchronicity of Beka’s Cat having a name that Alanna passed over for hers.  He’s had many names in many languages.

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]