Buri’s Married Life and Evin Larse as Commander

– What’s she doing now, married to Raoul? She does not seem like the type of woman to sit idle at home and wait for him to stop running around the country. Does she ride with the Own?

Tammy: Of course she rides with the Own! Technically she’s not supposed to, and technically Raoul is supposed to step down now that he’s married,* but the men took a vote. Sometimes she goes out with the Queen and her ladies instead, of course. She doesn’t want Raoul to get spoiled. And she spends the summer helping to train the Riders.

– Any children in Buri’s future? If not, I’m not going to be heartbroken, I just wondered if we’d see Mama!Buri at some point.

Tammy: We may, but she’s in her late thirties at the end of the Trickster books. It won’t be as easy for her as it is for younger women to get pregnant. And she won’t want to do it while they’re on the road as much as they are.

– Finally, did Buri take a title upon marrying Raoul? Or is she still just plain Buriram Tourakom? (I can’t imagine her being ‘my lady’-ed around the country.)

Tammy: She didn’t take it; she married it. She’s a “my lady” whether she likes it: Lady Buriram of Goldenlake and Malory’s Peak.

Finally: How is poor Evin Larse managing as Rider Commander?

Tammy: Poor? Evin loves it! He’s gotten more Players in, and they are introducing psychological warfare, also known as “messing with their heads”, to the Riders!

NOTES FROM Words of Tamora Pierce
*Tammy seems to have forgotten that the Knight Commander of the King’s Own is the only one who can stay in while being married (via Squire).

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]