Aly, Alan, Thom, and the Royal Heirs

Will we get to see more of the children, specifically Alan and Thom?

Tammy: I have no idea! I’m fixed in the past at the moment–the first chance I would have even to see them again is in Maura of Dunlath’s book, which I don’t have to worry about for several years yet.

Knowing that George is a descendant of Beka, does Thom have the ability to hear the ghosts like Beka? (It seemed implied that the oldest child got that bit of magic. Correct me if I’m wrong!)

Tammy: That aspect of the Gift doesn’t follow birth order. As I said above, I haven’t really had a chance to think about the boys’ lives yet. We’ll have to see!

Does Alan have any magic, either the Gift or Sight? Any clues as to why he split off from being so close to his sister in order to become a knight?

Tammy: Alan just felt that if Thom wasn’t going to be a knight, he ought to, and he rather liked the role. It had nothing to do with Aly or Thom or even Mother–the Crown just needed knights, they had a very nice life thanks to the properties granted to them by the Crown, and he felt they could use a knight in normal service. He likes to pretend that his other sibs are the clever ones, but he’s no fool himself. He just prefers to take the course of least cleverness. One day the gods will catch up with Alan and he’ll have to prove he’s good for something more, but until then, I’ll let him laze while he jousts and fights bandits and the like.

Will Aly’s child be at all attuned to the crows, or slightly non-human (part of the animal “People”), because of Nawat?

Tammy: Actually, all three of the triplets have something a little extra, but what it is will be anyone’s guess for a while. (Aly is actually relieved it was triplets–for a while there she was afraid she’d end up sitting a nest!) They’re still too young for me to tell!

How many children do Jon and Thayet have, exactly, and what are they all up to?

Tammy: There are six: Roald (married and studying rulership; he’s governor of one of the southern districts for training purposes); Kalasin, Empress of Carthak; Liam and Jasson, knights of the realm, and Lianne and Vania, riding and fighting with the queen’s ladies and waiting for their marriages to be arranged. No member of the royal family sits idle!

SOURCE: [Random Buzz: Teens at Random]