Basis for Thayet, Orzorne, and Darkings

Um, my question is actually about the Darkings, which, ironically, are my favorite characters. […] How did you come up with them? […] And would you actually ever consider doing the service of giving them a book?

Tammy: It’d be a heck of a book. My best friend Raquel, who is the basis of Queen Thayet, she had been going on and on about one point about…the shoe in Roger Rabbit, and how they needed to show the terror of Dip, and how if they felt they put a human or an animal tune in the Dip, that would be too traumatic.  But if they put a huge old shoe in it, that would show the terror of Dip enough — so they animated the shoe, and gave it little eyes, and it squeaked cutely so we felt really bad. Not too long after she talked for weeks about how cool it was that, um, in Aladdin, two characters were all computer animations (and this was before computer animation was a rule), carpet and the sand creature.  Somehow those things came together in my head, and cooked together, and I called her up one day and say, “Raq, I come up with this thing that Ozorne creates in Immortal Realms, where he mixes blood and magic and they become these little inkblot creatures called Darkings, and because they’re created in the Immortal Realms, they become people of their own, and the first thing they do is accessorize!  And they develop their own will!” And she said, “Oh, that sounds disgusting!”, and then she read the book and said, “I want one!” […] And of the pleasures of writing Trickster’s Queen was when I could realize I could bring the Darkings in, and I knew the fans were going to go ape.

SOURCE: [audio file: DragonCon 2008]