SotL Crew Appearances in Upcoming Books (March 2008)

Will I ever see my beloved Alanna and the rest of the crew from the original quarter again?
The Song of the Lioness quartet is the favorite for many of us.

Tammy: Actually, you’ll get to see them in Numair’s book, which I will write when I am finished with the Beka Cooper trilogy. And you will see them in Maura of Dunlath’s book, which follows Numair’s. And in the Kel books I mean to write after that. So if you can be patient with me, there will be more Alanna and her friends!

I don’t plan any books which will be about the Lioness characters alone, though. I prefer to write about young heroes, because they are still finding their way in the world. I love to write about people who are just seeing the world and learning who they are and what place they will fill in it!

SOURCE: [LJ 8192]